How many leaves would be granted to a Corona Positive employee?

Question:- How many leaves would be granted to a Corona Positive employee?

Answer:- In my opinion, Organizations, Institutions, or other workplaces grant leave permission to the Covid positive patient for his/her proper recovery because any organizations, Institutions, or workplaces cant take a risk for his/her other employees infected. because this disease infects very rapidly others and who have a weak immune system Corona easily infect that person.

According to the rules of WHO world health organization all the heavily crowded places should be closed during the Covid because there are four levels of this disease and in India, there are 125 Crores population lives and They are Difficult task to control all the population but the Government of India take an initiate to Seal the whole building Were they found Corona positive Patients and take him/her to hospitals and quarantine their family for 14 to 20 days.

Companies Granted the leaves to a corona Positive employees till he/she Recover Properly. and Government set some rules for Working Institutions they allow 50 to 60 employees at a single day and they sit with 2 feet distance and wear a mask while he/she doing a job and companies give the most of work for their employees at their homes For COVID safety purpose and Peoples get less interact with each other and maintain social distancing save their lives and others too to follow the Government rules and regulations.

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